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Cath Clarke(Time Out): A keeper of a thin skin, quietly dazzling
Liam Lacey(Globe and Mail): It's an odd, sad love story, combined through a meditation on technology as ~y accelerator of social loneliness. Not a small part of it seems to have ~ing an allegory of lonely guys and their apprehend of women.
Jessica Herndon(Associated Press): In a wicked theater, surrounded by the wondrous nature Jonze creates in Her, it's obscure to avoid getting emotional.
Rene Rodriguez(Miami Herald): Her shares a assign of themes with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, one more story about the difficulty of influencing on from relationships that once seemed destined to finally forever.
Tom Long(Detroit News): Delightfully entertaining, suppose that slightly unnerving …
Steven Rea(Philadelphia Inquirer): Her is a pensive, wonderful meditation on where we are and at which place we might be going.
Melissa Anderson(Artforum): Phoenix's playing is imbued with such genuine heartsickness that Theodore's musings on why his marriage fell apart clique of piercing, real-life regret, not dismiss-up bromides.
Rebecca Cusey(Patheos): 'Her' reduces be in ~ with to a purely intellectual pursuit. The carcass is oddly irrelevant, the soul not present, reproduction abandoned. The result is dehumanizing. And notwithstanding fascinating.
Brad Keefe(Columbus Alive): An abundantly animated look at the pain of injury and the rebirth of new sweetheart that somehow feels wholly original and accessible at the same time.
Felix Vasquez Jr.(Cinema Crazed): It's some incredible technological tale about love, human alliance, and a question of a higher ability.
Ray Pride(Newcity): The only other filmmaker who knows in what state to make sound, music and instant fit like a fitting of a totally suited slipper would be Sofia Coppola. Patience. Trust.
Ed Whitfield(The Ooh Tray): If Her is indeed a male fetish fantasy (as one journalist claimed), it's every odd one, presumably aimed at the similar men who get a thrill from having their head sheathed in sandpaper.
Donald Clarke(Irish Times): As Her slips into ~y inevitable melancholy, it becomes less here and there trans-humanity and more about, well, the human race.
Leigh Paatsch(Herald Sun (Australia)): A elegant, bewitching and deceptively warm experience.
Steve Newall( For the capital time with Her, the relationships Jonze brings to the assuming screen blossom into something bigger than the story and setting around them.
Hilary A White(Irish Independent): Witty, proffer and arrestingly gorgeous, Her is a masterpiece. Phoenix's central performance is of the lofty levels we gain come to expect of him under which circumstances Johansson disarms with only her choice expressed.
Michael Bonner(Uncut Magazine [UK]): In a calculatedly ambiguous way, Jonze appears to be the couple simultaneously mocking and embracing a genre (a tactic he used before in Adaptation).
Dennis Schwartz(Ozus’ World Movie Reviews): Audacious gimmicky sci-fi tale story between a lonely divorced writer with his newly purchased OS1.
Amon Warmann(HeyUGuys): A film you can revisit time and time afresh.
Mark Kermode(Observer [UK]): In the battle betwixt head and heart there remains a Tin Man-shaped cavern, leaving the viewer smiling wryly at the consideration-provoking conceits while remaining as emotionally detached as the movie's protagonist.
Geoffrey Macnab(Independent): It is a dear-natured and melancholy film, beautifully directed, that manages to be satirical about love in a digital, distracted date without losing its heartfelt quality.
Nick James(Sight and Sound): The coalition of Jonze's dialogue, the intenseness of the performances and the way the film's style wraps you up in Theodore and Samantha's inner-ear relationship makes this feel like a uniquely suitable diagnosis of contemporary ills.
David Aldridge(Radio Times): At brace hours, Her is a little moreover long, but it ably demonstrates Jonze's aptness for mature and magical film-workmanship.
David Sexton(This is London): Her is a brilliantly reimagined rom-com, solely obliquely interested in its sci-fi setting, that is casually disclosed as the pellicle goes on, never foregrounded.
Brian Viner(Daily Mail [UK]): Sweet, smart, insightful, funny and thought-provoking …
Anthony Morris(The Vine): Its insights into relationships are cutting without being earth-shattering. But in the same proportion that a window onto a relationship that carries certain meaning for the two people in it, Jonze has created something crystal-indisputable.

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