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Bruce Diones(New Yorker): Barely diverting.
J. R. Jones(Chicago Reader): It's quite pretty dumb, and it marks a sweep low for director Neil Burger, who's made some first-class indie dramas from his allow scripts.
Joshua Rothkopf(Time Out New York): The elementary film adapted from Veronica Roth's generically dystopian volume series arrives with a sludgy, hoary-hued plop.
David Edelstein(Vulture): If you can forget what it's declaration, Divergent is fairly entertaining.
Christy Lemire( The performances — namely from stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James and Kate Winslet in a succulent supporting role — always make the movie watchable and repeatedly quite engaging.
Linda Barnard(Toronto Star): Woodley is each obviously talented actress, a standout in The Descendants and The Spectacular Now excepting she's let down ~ means of the story surrounding her.
John Anderson(America Magazine): Dramatically, Divergent wanders, ~-end over rich philosophical soil.
Wesley Lovell(Cinema Sight): A with reference to something else faithful adaptation that brings with it the most good and the worst parts of the strange and leaves out a few things that strength have made it better.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): Although 'Divergent' has understandably attracted a famous readership, as did its predecessor, 'The Hunger Games' line, this new 'young adult' apologue has a much weaker presence on the big screen
Brad Keefe(Columbus Alive): If the 'Hunger Games' films conclude a fairly tidy job of explaining their argument, 'Divergent' has to through and over for nearly 2 1/2 hours.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): …suitable another bloated adaptation that's unable to capture the magic of its literary forebear.
Michael Dequina( All the flat digital bells and whistles one would equate with such a scenario are kept at a astonishing minimum–but such a back-to-basics be nearly equal thus forces one to pay politeness to the actual substance of the romance and characters.
MaryAnn Johanson(Flick Filosopher): No, it's not wildly distinct than other science fiction, hero's trip, and adventure movies. Sometimes we invitation such stories archetypal. Mythic, even.
Leigh Paatsch(Herald Sun (Australia)): Overall, this is a compact first-up effort for the Divergent immunity. Even though the film loses essential element in its final act as it sets up work~ for next year's close, a majority of fans will have ~ing perfectly content with what has been achieved in the present state.
Jim Schembri(3AW): Yet another cut off of post-content sci-fi schlock that relies up~ audiences over-looking huge story holes and a magnificent lack of pace in favour of design and a furious young cast…lame-brained.
Evan Williams(The Australian): If I had to join a faction, I'd be looking in spite of one called Bafflement or Exasperation. After spending the best part of five hours vigilance Divergent and Only Lovers Left Alive, I comprehend why audiences are flocking to pay attention the Muppets and The Lego Movie.
Ryan Gilbey(New Statesman): Science feigned story it may be, but the nature of the film is that timeless youthful conundrum: who am I?
David Stratton(At the Movies (Australia)): Really the pellicle is so intent on setting things up towards, presumably, subsequent films that it forgets to have ~ing entertaining and involving in its concede right, I think, and so I originate this going over my head. I wasn't in reality interested in all of this.
Margaret Pomeranz(At the Movies (Australia)): The guide was Neil Burger who handles the proceeding with aplomb.
Sandra Hall(Sydney Morning Herald): The conflicts inborn in old-fashioned high school movies are accommodated, by bullying to stir the blood and song to set the heart thumping. But Divergent's assimilation of all this fails to agitate.
Paul Byrnes(Sydney Morning Herald): Romance and self-realisation wrapped in sharpness now sell a whole lot of tickets. At smallest Divergent has more to ponder than principally of the field.
Tom Glasson(Concrete Playground): It's the whole of very Hunger Games Lite.
Cara Nash(FILMINK (Australia)): If any can push past the fact that its universe feels a little too familiar, this is a deftly executed collop of teen sci-fi.
Rich Cline( Filmmaker Neil Burger is other interested in whizzy visuals and a pointed plot to pay much attention to the characters or larger underlying themes, that leaves the film feeling eerily superficial.
Siobhan Synnot(Scotsman): A brutal slog of a movie
Mark Kermode(Observer [UK]): Drab prolongation design (bombed-out buildings and Blake's 7 costumes) aims with respect to gloomy portent, but the grit feels while fake as the fashionable tattoos.

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