[Action] Sledge Hammer Complete Season 1 and 2 English H.264-MKV


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Back in 2006 I posted the second season of Sledge to TPB (3498022). To my surprise I came back in 2009 and discovered dozens of fans still sharing! Inspired by this, I have re-ripped both seasons 1 AND 2, in H.264-MKV format, from SD PAL DVD source.
May this one live on equally as long. Happy sledging!
Note: if you happen to have a Western Digital media player these files will play unmodified.

I find this is an excellent compression format, providing 720×544 with good resolution. XviD fans can use something like WinAVI to “upmix” back to XviD/avi but the file sizes will approximately double.


Trust him. He knows what he’s doing.

In the autumn of 1986, an unsuspecting nation met a new kind of comedy hero who made Rambo look like Pee Wee Herman. David Rasche starred as the trigger-happy lawman whose hatred of criminal scum and yoghurt eatin’ creeps was matched only by his love of excessive force and a .44 Magnum.

Over the next two series, this hilariously deranged lampoon of DIRTY HARRY and plenty of other targets became one of the most notorious series in television history and launched a rabid cult of fans that grows to this day. This is SLEDGE HAMMER!

Episodes comprise:

1. Under The Gun [pilot]
2. Hammer Gets Nailed
3. Witless
4. They Shoot Hammers, Don’t They?
5. Dori Day Afternoon
6. To Sledge, With Love
7. All Shook Up
8. Over My Dead Bodyguard
9. Magnum Farce
10. If I Had A Little Hammer
11. To Live & Die On TV
12. Miss Of The Spider Woman
13. The Old Man And The Sledge
14. State Of Sledge
15. Haven’t Gun, Will Travel
16. The Colour Of Hammer
17. Brother, Can You Spare A Crime?
18. Desperately Seeking Dori
19. Sledgepoo
20. Comrade Hammer
21. Jagged Sledge
22. The Spa Who Loved Me
Bonus. Making Of Sledge Hammer


Trust him, he still know what he’s doing.

It would take more than a nuclear explosion to stop everyone’s favourite violence-loving lawman! David Rasche returns – along with co-stars Anne-Marie Martin and Harrison Page – in the surprising (because nobody expected the network to renew it) second series.

These are the infamous final episodes featuring such guest stars as Richard Moll, Ray Walston, Edy Williams, Bud Cort, Bernie Kopell, Adam Ant, Davy Jones and more, in the “sitcom for people who hate sitcoms” that remains one of the most dangerously funny shows in TV history.

Episodes comprise:

1. A Clockwork Hammer
2. Big Nazi On Campus
3. Play It Again, Sledge
4. Wild About Hammer
5. The Death Of A Few Salesmen
6. Vertical
7. Dressed To Call
8. Hammer Hits The Rock (a.k.a. Sledge On The Rock)
9. Hammeroid
10. Last Of The Red Hot Vampires
11. Sledge In Toyland
12. Icebreaker
13. They Call Me Mr. Trunk
14. Model Dearest
15. Sledge, Rattle And Roll
16. Suppose They Gave A War And Sledge Came?
17. The Secret Of My Excess
18. It Happened What Night?
19. Here’s to You, Mrs. Hammer
Bonus. Gun Crazy

Genre: Action, Comedy
IMDB: Sledge Hammer! (TV Series 1986?1988) – IMDb
Original Run: (1986–1988)
Language: English
Format: MKV
Hoster: Share-Online.biz
Size: 7.33 GB
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