Luka/Abby #172: It’s been 15 years since they first made “little talk.”


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Welcome to the Luby thread. This thread is dedicated to our favorite couple: Luka and Abby, and to the wonderful actors who portray them: Goran Višnjić and Maura Tierney. As the rules of the board ask, no bashing here. If you don’t like Luka and Abby, hit the road, Jack. If you do, welcome aboard and don’t be shy! We don’t bite… hard, and our vaccines are up to date :P

(by Helga-1987)

“The inspired notion of hooking up Abby Lockhart, the full-time nurse, on-again-off-again med student, with Luka Kovac, the Croatian physician, on “E.R.” created perhaps the most fascinating relationship on prime-time TV.”
The New York Times, October 2001[/URL]

“It was a seasonlong masochist’s glut of an affair, and in the hands of the remarkable Maura Tierney and Goran Visnjic it was – and continues to be, in the stormy aftermath of Abby and Luka’s breakup this season – singularly compelling.”
The New York Times, October 2001[/URL]

“And we know that, as the new Doug and Carol, [Abby] and Kovac are meant to be together.”
Guardian Unlimited, June 2002

“Best Second Chance at Romance: Luka and Abby on ER”
TV Gal Bestows Best of the Best, Zap2it, January 2006

“TV Guide’s Top 20 Hot TV Couples: #20 – Luka & Abby, ER”
TV Guide, February 2006

“It was the chemistry between Goran and Maura cause it felt like a real relationship between two people who were both damaged and looking for happiness.”
David Zabel, ER Executive Producer, 21 September 2006

“If there is one reason viewers stay loyal to “ER”… it is Luka Kovac and Abby Lockhart.”
Life isn’t easy for Luka and Abby[/URL], LA Times[/URL], 09 Feb 2007

“The characters’ relationship got more interesting when they were friends, which made the romantic relationship possible again.”
Maura Tierney on Luka and Abby’s breakup and getting back together, Live Blog[/URL], 3 May 2007

“The reason the Luka/Abby relationship is more successful dramatically and emotionally is because the two characters share in common the fact that they both have overcome damaged pasts. They found happiness together despite those pasts.”
David Zabel, ER Executive Producer, Live Blog[/URL], 3 May 2007

(by Helga-1987)

October 26 has been declared International Luby Day, in honor of the first airing of “Mars Attacks” on October 26, 2000.

(by ilovealias4ever)

May 3, 2007
Wedding Day


Luby = Luka and Abby
Luby = In Polish, “Beloved”
Luby = In Russian, “Love”

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Lubies, Tramps and Thieves by Dawn

Dawn was born in the wagon of a travelling show
Caro would dance for the money they’d throw
And Aly would do whatever she could
Preach a little Luka
Sell a couple bottles of doctor good

Lubies, tramps and thieves
We’d hear it from the people in the town, they’d call us
Lubies, tramps and thieves
And every night the men would come around and lay their money down

love Luka and Abby: Because love knows no reasons love

¤ Luby List of Reminders ¤
1.) Foosball
2.) Feather
3.) Compass
4.) Snowglobes
5.) Baby Crib
6.) “Panties”
7.) The Squeaky Elephant
8.) Turkish Mud
9.) Spark Plugs
10.) Pop-tarts
11.) Lamb Gruel
12.) Glass Frog
13.) Panda
14.) Copacabana CD (Barry Manilow)
15.) Eggs with Ketchup
16.) Little Talk
17.) Thai Takeout
18.) Couch Tomato
19.) Angelfish
20.) Martha Stewart
21.) Hot Chocolate
22.) Bob Vila
23.) Softball
24.) Pictionary
25.) Luka’s Blue Shirts
26.) Sea Turtle
27.) Croatian Diplomats
28.) Mutant Croatian Seed
29.) Croatian Turkey
30.) Beat-ups for Honor
31.) Shhhhhhh!!!
32.) Baby Uggs
33.) Jewel
34.) Celine
35.) Backwards Baseball Cap
36.) Croatian Mating Ritual
37.) “I Do”
38.) Drug Lock-up
39.) SUV/Dressing Room Makeout Sessions
40.) Hugs and Hair Kisses
41.) Belly Kisses
42.) Baby Monitor
43.) Changing Table
44.) Amnio Results
45.) Pillow Fights
46.) Sexy Santa Hat
47.) Amnesia
48.) Rosemary’s Baby
49.) Misusing Americanisms
50.) Liberace
51.) Blackberry
52.) Elves
53.) Antlers
54.) Rudolph
55.) Mrs. Claus
56.) “I was running to you.”
57.) Mungo/Mongo
58.) The Clash Lullabies
59.) Stevie Wonder songs
60.) Naughty outfits
61.) Croatian Festival
62.) Bikini
63.) Hotel rooms
64.) Slumber parties
65.) Secret weapon
66.) Black coffee
67.) Car rides

1) I’m Not Dead
2) InIrelandItRainsXx
3) hairfullofspoilers
4) Pauli_Abby
5) duderocks
6) givelovesolong
7) tender looks
8) Miss Chambers
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10) BK.
11) Queen C
12) americanamuchacha020
13) Mirde
14) dontworrybaby
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18) tranquility