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The mother (and father) of all Teen Sex Gross Out comedies is set in the 1950′s where there’s only one thing on the male sex’s mind. Well, sex to be correct. We have PEE WEE: the horny toad that is desperate to lose his virginity. TOMMY: the bad boy of the bunch. MEAT: tough jock whose nickname originates from his abnormally large body appendage. MICKEY: a wiseass redneck without a care in all the universe. BRIAN: the smart Jew. And TIM: the racist giving talents of his abusive father. Each one takes a trip to PORKY’S, it’s the most popular strip joint in Florida. But when they try to get in, they’re tricked and humiliated. Returning home, they vow revenge. Following crazy sex jokes like Ms. Balbrick’s famous “Pecker Pull” incident, to the ultimate return fire on a strip club, PORKY’S is and will remain the grandest of all teenage comedies.

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