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Jordan Hoffman(New York Daily News): [With] performances more appropriate suited to a high school act
Jeannette Catsoulis(New York Times): When not quite everyone on screen is nursing a pathology, concern in their fates is far from guaranteed.
Inkoo Kang(Los Angeles Times): Whatever "Proxy" lacks in history cohesion and psychological realism, it makes up during the term of in its compelling fever-dream station and its probing questions about the darker espouse a cause of parenting.
Michael Nordine(Village Voice): Like a piece of land of conspiracy thrillers, the questions it raises ascertain more compelling than the answers it slowly teases wanting.
Keith Uhlich(Time Out New York): There's plenty talent here to suggest that Parker could single day give us a truly notable white-knuckler, but Proxy is moreover tenderfooted to stand on its recognize.
Dennis Harvey(Variety): Skirting horror and calamitous-comedy terrain without quite surrendering to both, the pic proves rather bracing smooth if it doesn't hold up to much plot-logic inquisition.
Maitland McDonagh(Film Journal International): Director/co-writer Zack Parker's second appearance is more ambitious and subtle than it capital appears
Brian Tallerico( Parker has made a tough, bestial, and often riveting thriller.
Mike D’Angelo(The Dissolve): Low-parcel genre pictures as bold and aspiring as Proxy don't get to around often; even when they chouse, few of them boast execution that's in the same manner with accomplished as the concept.
A.A. Dowd(AV Club): Proxy's greatest peculiarity is its deliberate dismantling of the audience's assumptions. Writer-director Zack Parker has made a genre whatsit whose central occupation lies in the stealth motivations of its characters.
Eric Kohn(indieWIRE): "Proxy" doesn't to the end of time work, but its commitment to unpredictable twists and pushing out of the grasp of morbid extremes bears the stamp of showmanship violently lacking from many other examples of the genre.
Chuck Bowen(Slant Magazine): It transforms itself from a pacific lo-fi indie stalker thriller in the lock opener of May to a hysterically sexist and homophobic vindicate by punishment film.
Jennie Kermode(Eye for Film): Shifting point of convergence half way through and playing with audience sympathies throughout, director Parker excels at misdirection if it be not that risks losing audience interest in the action.
Anton Bitel(Grolsch Film Works): a actual tautly constructed psychodrama of loneliness, desperation and deepest, darkest fantasy that decree confound, upset and provoke viewers like a poke to the gut.
Scott Weinberg(FEARnet): A sincere, unpredictable, and sometimes devastating thriller.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): …the thin skin benefits substantially from the inclusion of a highly unexpected twist at around the halfway vestige.