[VST(i), AU & RTAS] Synapse Audio Junglist VSTi v3.2


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Synapse Audio Junglist VSTi v3.2


◾2 oscillators (32 waveforms) with adjustable coarse and fine tune.
◾Saturation control for both oscillators.
◾2-op FM mode Percussive mode for synth drum sounds.
◾Dual Voice mode.
◾Ring Modulator.
◾Multimode filter with 24 dB Lowpass, 24 dB Highpass types and Separation control.
◾Filter Keyboard Tracking.
◾2 pitch envelopes.
◾ADSR filter envelope.
◾ADSR amplitude envelope.
◾LFO on pitch and/or filter.
◾LFO and Delay tempo syncable.
◾Glide function, can be switched between constant-rate and constant-time.
◾Bass Fx section to create ultra-low basses.
◾Complex Chorus section allows a wide range of delay, chorus, flange and spatialization effects.
◾Distortion effect, low/high filter, and level for the master output.
◾Supports both parameter automation and Cubase automation (MIDI CC).
◾Unison mode (plays all voices at once).
◾Up to 16 voices of polyphony.
◾Supports Aftertouch

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